Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Philadelphia Marathon anyone?

Ok so Rohan and Ahmed (aka "One big muscle" aka "Shirts are optional) have decided to run this years Philadelphia Marathon on Nov.21
We would love for members of the Bees to come join us in the run or just to show some support. It is in the city of brotherly love so this means it is only a day trip away.

We are looking to get down on Friday and head back later evening Sunday but if you are not running any time before the trip is fine.

The cost right now is $125 for the marathon and $100 for the 1/2. There is also an 8k and a kids race, so there is something for every runner.

If you are down I have a 16 week training program that I am starting next week or you can use a regular 18 week program and bee (pun intended) in shape by race day.

Let me know asap. I am looking to register before the week is out.


ps I am calling out anyone who already completed a 1/2. MMMMMMmmmmm, you know who you all are! lol


  1. Contemplating the 8K, but I'm definitely down to support.

  2. I could do the 8k. That's a little soon after my marathan to do another half. Definitely down for a Philly trip. Should be fun!

  3. Thanks for the call out Roe, but i'll let you guys handle the 1/2 and full marathon this time. I'll be signing up for the 8k.