Friday, October 29, 2010

November Goals Competition Announcement

As October is coming to an end most of you are probably thinking about what you would like to accomplish in November or before 2010 comes to a close.

The Wannabees are here to help.

On Monday November 1st a Goal report will be posted to the site for all interested runners and at the end of November a prize will be awarded to the top three runners that accomplish their goals or come closest to them.

For example let’s say you are running the Disney Marathon in January, The Philly Marathon in November, The 5 Mile Turkey Trot, 10K Team Race in January or you want to make it to the 100 plus club.

You have to run a set number of miles per month/ per week in order to achieve your goal.

Nothing like a healthy dose of competition to help you stick to your goals and even surpass them. Not only will the competition help but the accountability factor as well. As a result of fellow Bees knowing how you are progressing.

The rules along with further instructions on how to compete will be posted to site Monday morning.

So take the next two days to think about your goals.

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