Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday Long Run October 17th

Long run
Meet up location: New York Sports Club 115-116 Street & 5th Ave.
Time: 9:30 Am
Distance: 8-22 Miles

Please leave a comment if you will be in attendance.


  1. i'll hopefully be done with my marathon at 12:05pm

  2. Iam in shooting for 20 Miles.
    Got new kicks waiting for me so Im pretty hype right now.

  3. I hv to do 20 miles this wknd, since the Sunday run is 20 miles...where does it end do you think in the park? Does it matter what pace you are?

  4. Route will be 4 Transverse loops.
    You pace doesnt matter.
    Im doing a 10 minute pace for my first 10 miles thats around your pace right ?

  5. I'm going to try to make it..will run w ahmed if I can get there

  6. Cool Emily your too fast for me to run with.