Sunday, June 20, 2010

Travis's Running Testimony

After two months of tough training the day was at hand, could I have prepared more, yes but I thought I was at a good place mentally and physically to complete the monster in 3h10m so I could qualify for Boston. Little did I know one slight change in my wardrobe would lead to me not reaching my goal. What you may ask was that slight change, well that slight change was my race day shorts.
So race day is here I'm feeling and looking good (trust looking good race day goes a long way especially when you see your race pic lol). The race begins my goal is to run the first 20miles at a 7min pace and then try to finish the last 6 at a 7:30 pace which would bring me to my 3h10m goal. Mile 18 hits and I can't hold my 6:55 pace so I drop to 7:10 for miles 19 an 20. Then all hell breaks loose.
Mile 21 I begin chaffing between my inner legs. It's so much rubbing I begin to bleed I can't take the pain anymore so I funny walk for miles 21 and 22 (15 mins each) looking for the water station to get some cream,while cramping up in ways unknown to man. A sight of joy in the distance a water station joy joy joy, only to find out the station didn't have any cream. My spirit drops and just as my dreams were about to come to an end I see Henry and Sandy. Henry didn't have cream but what he had I was going to use. What did he have you might ask was chap-stick lol. I quickly unscrewed the bottom took the first half applied it on my right leg and the other half on the left I was back baby for all of one mile until it ran out lol.
Three miles left Del ins closing in on me and time's slipping away, I said ok im not making my 3:10 but I know I can't have Del pass me. Oh I forgot I asked Henry to run to The next station to get me some cream only God knew where he was because I couldn't see him. So I sucked it up put my hand between my legs and ran the last 3 miles in pain that I've never felt before. I finally came to the finish with a time of 3:46 collapsed and was wheelchaired to the medical tent where I got a great massage :-).

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