Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday AM Run June 22nd 2010

Meet up Location : 110 Street and Lenox Ave Central Park Entrance
Time: 5:30 AM
Distance:3.00 Miles
Pace: Comfortable

Please leave a comment with you name and planned distance/pace if you will be in attendance.


  1. The first morning run was great. Sandy D, Natalie, Del and Roe ran an easy pace finishing 3miles in under 29 mins. This is an additional option of anyone who can not make the evening runs dude to another obligation(seriously though, what is more important than our run?). Remember it is cooler and less humid in the morning. Let Del or myself know if you are planning to attend.

  2. Damn...can we push it to 6- 6:30?? 5:30 is soooo early! Definitely in my 3rd dream by then.

  3. Sorry we are sticking to 5:30. Just come out get a run in the go home and go back to sleep.