Sunday, June 27, 2010

The wannabee mens and womens 1 Mile

The Mens Mile Race Results

1st Travis Doyle:5:22
2nd Ilays Diani: 5:23
3rd Lenel Milien 7:42

after leading the entire way travis creeps up on ilyas and beats him to the finish.

after trailing lunel for 9/10 of the mile Tivon passed lunel only to get passed back by lunel right at the finish

Travis,Ilyas,Lunel and Tivon on the 3rd lap of the 1 mile, with the lead ilyas has its all but over for the rest of the field, or is it.

The Woman's Mile Race Results

1st Christie Congdon :6:21
Claudia Steer :7:00
Sandy S :7:01

A very close finish between the woman for the 2nd and 3rd spot lets roll the tape.

wannabee women 1 mile finish Christie take a commanding 200m lead for the win, the race is for second place now between Claudia and Sandy

christie, sandy, claudia, johanna and marie 1 mile start

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  1. i really think we need to test Christie for Roids, she had to be on something to win by such a large margin.